Sex, Drugs, and Open Ice Holes

March 2, 2016

So in case you did not know – Emilie Taman and I are now podcasting.  But you know that right? Because you subscribe to the show on iTunes and have already rated and reviewed the podcast- right? How can you resist listening to us talk about marijuana, sex, and open ice holes?

We put out a new episode this week – either head over to iTunes (that is best because there are rankings and moving up those rankings make me feel good but if you really hate iTunes you can check out some other ways to listen on the main show page.

Here is what we chatted about:


There are lots of questions about the new Liberal government’s position on pot. Yes we know – they are going to get to work legalizing it ‘right away’ – but right away may be longer than you think. And what happens in the mean time? The Liberal pot car – Bill Blair – acknowledges that over 22,000 people were arrested in 2014 over small amounts of pot and that a disproportionate number of these people were visible minorities and that prosecuting pot is expensive and that criminal records are of pot are harmful – but he refuses to take any action to mitigate these wrongs.


Check out Louise Arbour powerful marijuana dissent in 2003 Supreme Court case of R. v. Malmo-Levine


We also talk about the insane history of the criminalization of homosexuality in Canada and one very tragic case.

Check out John Ibbitsons’s heart breaking story: The long, late redemption of a Canadian punished for being gay in the 1960s (subscription required)

For more on the story see the non-subscription required articles: Trudeau to urge pardon for gay man deemed a dangerous sex offender in 1960s and Liberals’ gay-pardon decision applauded but obstacles still exist


Presumption of innocence much?  We review a judges decision to blast the RCMP for shacking a woman in court: Judge writes on ‘culture of fear’ in Canadian court after questioning why 120-pound woman was shackled

Read the court’s judgement here: R. v Kalleo

Open Ice Holes

And finally we stole an idea from the CBC’s 180 and talk about some of the insane criminal laws on the books in Canada – keep your ice hole covered,  don’t steal oysters, and put away your comic books.


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