Twitter lawsuit, Scheer lunacy, and Pro Bono Ontario

November 19, 2018

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After a weekend at the Criminal Lawyer’s conference we sat down for a bit of an update.

Emilie settled her twitter lawsuit with Ottawa’s mayor Jim Watson. Watson reversed his position, admitted he was wrong, and unblocked all of Ottawa.

Then we move onto Andrew Scheer’s justice announcement. He wants to crack down on guns and gangs and is not afraid to mislead the public and violate the Charter. So we decided to deconstruct his dishonest six-point plan.

And then Michael pisses off the whole civil bar. Pro Bono Ontario is a necessary and valuable service. But funding to the tune of $500,000 has fallen through and the Ottawa and Toronto office will be forced to shut down next month. The civil bar is rightly up in arms. But if the issue is access to justice maybe civil lawyers could take a closer look at the role their high fees play in the problem.

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