Bradley Barton and Brett Kavanaugh

November 2, 2018

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Finally a new episode! Sorry Sorry Sorry. We have been slammed at home and at work.

Almost three weeks ago we sat down with Peter Sankoff and Dino Bottos the night before they headed to the Supreme Court to argue the appeal of Barton v. The Queen. The case is complicated with important legal issues and the facts are tragic. Barton was charged with the death of Cindy Gladue. Gladue died of injuries sustained during sex – the question is whether the sex was consensual or not.

Barton was acquitted by a jury but the Alberta Court of Appeal found that errors had been made and sent the case back for a new trial. Now its the Supreme Cours turn to weight in.

There have been strong feelings about the case – it involves allegations of sexual violence that can be very disturbing.

For more information check out the Supreme Court of Canada website for the legal factums and a webcast of the arguments made by all parties and interveners.

After Barton we talked about Brett Kavanaugh – which I swear was topical at the time.

And we promise to get a new episode out soon!

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