The Staircase Aftershow – Special Guest: David Rudolf

July 25, 2018

It is like deja vu all over again as The Docket Podcast returns to an episode-by-episode examination of a real life crime docu-series.  Only this time its all about The Staircase instead of Making A Murderer.

Join us – criminal defence lawyer Michael Spratt and former federal prosecutor and law professor Emilie Taman – as we dissect The Staircase chapter-by-chapter. Each podcast we will break down the legal strategy, evidentiary issues, and give our opinions on the case – with a Canadian twist.

But not this podcast….

This episode we have a special guest – the man himself – criminal defence legend – David Rudolf.

David Rudolf stopped by The Docket to talk to us about defending one of the most high profile cases in modern history. We picked Rudolf’s brain about trial strategy, procedural irregularities, and the emotional toll the Michael Peterson case took on him. It was a fascinating talk with a truly inspirational defence lawyer.

All your questions will be answered: were Judge Hudson’s ruling really so short? Was the documentary a fair representation of what happened in court? And how did Rudolf end up as Michael Peterson’s lawyer?

A huge thanks to David Rudolf for his generosity and his time!

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