The Staircase Aftershow – Chapter 5: A Weak Case

August 2, 2018

It is like deja vu all over again as The Docket Podcast returns to an episode-by-episode examination of a real life crime docu-series.  Only this time its all about The Staircase instead of Making A Murderer.

Join us – criminal defence lawyer Michael Spratt and former federal prosecutor and law professor Emilie Taman – as we dissect The Staircase chapter-by-chapter. Each podcast we will break down the legal strategy, evidentiary issues, and give our opinions on the case – with a Canadian twist.

In Chapter 5: A Weak Case we finally get to the good stuff – the trial. Michael Peterson’s lawyer David Rudolf dismantles the prosecutions case and the defence calls into question the integrity of the evidence – a fact that impacts the validity of any blood spatter analysis.

Then we meet Dwayne Deavers – the State’s blood spatter expert. Except Deavers fudged his experiments and seeming had a hand in a exculpitory report that was never given to Peterson.

It is amazing to see Rudolf map-out and then execute his cross-examinations. The witnesses never see it coming – until 257 medical reports in a dozen binders are dropped on their lap.

Oh – the media is still terrible and the lawyers still have not learned to standup when asking questions.

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