The Docket – Episode 9: Justin Ling and Terrorism

January 31, 2015

Photo Via the CBC – Harper Introducing new terror legislation.  Dial up the hyperbole.

Today Stephen Harper unveiled details of new Conservative legislation to combat the threat of ‘violent jihadism’ – bill C-51 the Anti-Terrorism Act.

As with most Conservative legislation there is reason to be concerned.  The new law allows mass information sharing, grants CSIS sweeping powers (including the ability to violate the laws of foreign states), criminalizes some forms of speech, and permits more liberal preventative arrests.

There is no corresponding increase in oversight to Canada’s spy agencies.

Kent Roach and Craig Forcese editorial in the Globe and Mail is a must read for a blow by blow critique of the new bill.

Coincidently Leo and I had planned to chat with Vice‘s parliamentary reporter Justin Ling today – fantastic timing,

We chat about the bill, about the insane lock-up procedures for reporters prior to the announcement, and other insanity on Parliament Hill.  Too short a conversation.  Ling will be back.

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