The Docket – Episode 10: Tony Spears

March 8, 2015

On Episode 10 (which seems like it should be some sort of milestone) Leo and I sit down with Ottawa Sun court reporter Tony Spears.

Courthouses are unpredictable work places but Tony seems to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time.  From murders to ‘willy wager’ Tony has seen it all.

Take for example the B&E artist who removed his fake eye and threw it at his lawyer:

After break-and-enter artist Jesse Whitlock was sentenced Friday to 18 months behind bars, he threw his glass eye into the courtroom.

It bounced once before veteran defence lawyer John Hale used sharp reflexes to corrall the glass orb.

“It’s worth two grand,” Whitlock, 32, said before he was led back down to the cellbock.

“You can sell it.”

Hale returned the eye to the guard and washed his hands.

The corneal conclusion was appropriate for a man whose made an ill-fated career out of robbing businesses blind.

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