The Docket – Episode 4: Dustin Milligan Author of ‘The Charter for Children’

June 18, 2014

On the fourth episode of The Docket Michael Spratt (Leo was busy having a baby) sits down for a conversation with lawyer and author of ‘The Charter for Children‘ Dustin Milligan.

This was the first episode we recorded over Skype – there are a few audio glitches but overall the quality seems to hold up reasonably well.

The dialogue regarding new laws and their impact on basic freedoms has been front and centre these days on Parliament Hill.  Never has it been more important for the public to be educated about the basic principles that govern interactions between citizens and the state.

The Charter for Children is a wonderful series of children’s book that explains – in an accessible way – the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Charter.

Each story is set in a different province or territory of the country and addresses a unique right or freedom in the Charter. The series seeks to empower children by providing them with a basic awareness of their rights and by fostering a respect for the fundamental values that all Canadians cherish.

Looks for the last 4 books in Dustin’s 14 book series to be released on July 1st 2014.

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