Vacation / Surgery Post


Last week I unplugged from the net, left the phone behind and headed into Algonquin park for a canoe trip. 

It was a fantastic trip.  My spouse - Emilie - and I ditched the kids with the Grandmas and enjoyed some time alone. 

It was not our most ambitious trip but given how rare time off is we decided to take it a bit easy.  

One great thing about being a criminal lawyer is the ability to mentally compartmentalize.  A highly useful skill when balancing serious cases and a family - or when going on a canoe trip and forgetting the real world (for a few days).  

Here are the trip stats:

  • 5 days (too short)
  • 10,330 meters portaged 
  • 20 lakes paddled
  • Wild blueberries picked - a lot!
  • Animals spotted: moose, turtles, snakes, frogs, and a tent mouse 
  • One client acquitted of attempted murder and firearm offences (a decision given in my absence)

This week I have another week away from the office - recovering from a tonsillectomy.  Not quite as fun.

I was told by the doctors that having tonsils out is more painful for adults than kids - either I am a super solider or the morphine is working wonders - because it is actually not that bad.

A bit of a forced rest - but also an opportune time to read transcripts for a murder trial beginning this fall.

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