Jazz Cigarettes

Finally - a song about evidenced based policy....

The Ottawa based band The Golden Seals take on the Conservative justice agenda in their latest single Jazz Cigarettes

Songs about drug laws are nothing new but the Seals do a great job of touching on evidence based policy and the rejection of science.  As the Seals say - hey're gonna throw you in the hoosgow, that's as progressive as conservatives get.

Well worth a listen on a sunny Sunday (lyrics below):

words and music by Dave Merritt

Jazz cigarettes--I don't believe it but they say it's true
There's nothing worse that you can do
than smoke one of the sobriquets
for jazz cigarettes

There's a war on the war on the war on drugs
being waged by some white collar criminal thugs
and they want to know each time you give one a light
(but paying off the Senate's alright)

Jazz cigarettes I can smell 'em from across the hall
but it doesn't bother me at all
nobody's died from the munchies yet

Jazz cigarettes--you should smoke 'em if you got 'em right now
or they're gonna throw you in the hoosgow
that's as progressive as conservatives get
jazz cigarettes

They're kicking science to the curve
ignoring everything that works
and making criminals of kids who smoke herb

Jazz cigarettes--the opposition know that they're okay
it's not a gateway drug it's just a J
but I wouldn't hedge any bets on

jazz cigarettes being legal from sea to sea
in the true north and drug free
because in spite of what the research says
and years of Scandinavian success
they want us all to think the biggest threat
is jazz cigarettes