Trucker Bail

February 27, 2022

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After almost a month of inflicting harm and havoc in Ottawa, the extremist trucker protest is over. But the lawless takeover of Canada’s capital city and the dramatic police action required to restore peace were troubling tests of our democracy. The occupiers inflicted prolonged and unrelenting harm on an entire city.

It seemed to take the federal government invoking the Emergencies Act to end the siege.

Make no mistake, resort to the Emergencies Act is an admission of failure. A failure by the police to maintain public peace, a failure by the city and province to take the threat to our democracy and safety seriously, and a failure of federal leaders to engage in an honest discussion about the fundamental inequities in our society.

But the occupation is over, and now the court cases  begin.

This episode we break down Canada’s bail system and take a closer look at why the leaders of the occupation, Pat King and Tamara Lich, were denied bail and remain behind bars.

You can read Pat Kings bail decision here

Please visit to learn more about the class action lawsuit against the truckers and how you can help!

You can read Michael’s take on the troubling reaction to the occupation by some in the law community here: Did Canada become a police state after the protest in Ottawa? Hardly

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