The Last Two Weeks and Medical Assistance in Dying

June 7, 2016

So episode 38 – a new record.  But you know that right? Because you subscribe to the show on iTunes and have already rated and reviewed the podcast- right?

This week Emilie and I catch up on the last two weeks.  She was in China and I kept the kids alive. I also wrote an open letter to Ottawa’s Chief of Police about some shocking behaviour by the local cops and then wrote about issues I had with a report on major problems at the Ottawa jail.

But then we dive into the really important and complex issue of medical assistance in dying, the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in Carter, and the government’s legislative response – bill C-14.

There are some real problems with the Liberal’s new bill.  The Alberta Court of Appeal and the Ontario Superior Court both indirectly questioned the constitutionality of bill C-14.  The legislation is now before the Senate and Emilie and I reflect on the first day of testimony – including some serious questions raised by constitutional scholar Peter Hogg.

So we sort of nerd out a bit…. Fun.

We also have some new art – it is still new because it is way easier to just copy and past this section each week – from an awesome young designer Parker Mazerolle – serious he is crazy good – go check out his work.

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