The Docket: Making A Murderer After Show – Episode 9

February 15, 2016

Time to talk about the 9th episode of Netflix’s super popular doc-series Making a Murderer – but you know that right? Because you subscribe to the show on iTunes and have already rated and reviewed it – right? We are almost at the end of our after show run – so show us some love.  Literally the least you could do is nothing – so maybe do a tiny bit more than that!

Ottawa lawyers Michael Spratt and Emilie Taman discuss Netflix super popular docu-series Making a Murderer one episode at a time.

In episode 9 the focus of Making a Murderer shifts from Steven Avery to Brendan Dassey. The lawyers are different (except for KRATZ!), the trial is different, the issues are different – but the result is sadly the same.

Dassey’s’ trial focusses on his confession. Why would an innocent man confess to a crime he did not commit? The answer – the Reid technique – a police tool that is good at getting a confession, not the truth.

Let’s just say we are less than impressed.

For more on the Reid interrogation technique chock out:

National Post: Alberta judge slams use of ‘Reid’ interrogation technique in Calgary police investigation

For a detailed back ground of the Reid technique and the associated dangers check out R. v. Chapple, 2012 ABPC 229: Justice Dinkel “I denounce the use of this technique in the strongest terms possible and find that its use can lead to overwhelmingly oppressive situations that can render false confessions and cause innocent people to be wrongfully imprisoned.”

National Post: You’re guilty, now confess: False admissions put police’s favourite interrogation tactic under scrutiny

Hastings Law Journal, Vol. 61, p. 529, 2010Police ‘Science’ in the Interrogation Room: Seventy Years of Pseudo-Psychological Interrogation Methods to Obtain Inadmissible Confessions

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