The Docket: Making A Murderer After Show – Episode 2

January 14, 2016

It’s been 3 days since we released the first episode of our Making a Murderer aftershow podcast and if our current ranking on iTunes is any indication (at one point number 2 in Canada – WTF!) – viewers were as hungry for more content as we expected they’d be.  Heck, the CBC even reported on the podcast.

Thanks to everyone who has tuned in… tell your friends!

We don’t have a guest on the show this time around, but are happy to say that Louise Arbour has demanded to return for episode three – Fantastic!

Episode two of MAM chronicles the aftermath of Avery’s release from custody following 18 years of wrongful imprisonment.  The media and politicians embrace him as a celebrity of the criminal justice system.  The Wisconsin State Legislature drafts a Bill, “Avery’s law”, to raise the ceiling on compensation by the State.  Understandably dissatisfied with outcome of the Wisconsin Attorney General’s investigation into the conduct of Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office, Avery files a lawsuit to further his quest for justice and accountability.

Just as things seem to be going his way, Avery finds himself at the centre of yet another criminal investigation in which he adamantly maintains his innocence.  We’ll explore how the investigation was flawed from the start; how it’s clear that notwithstanding near irrefutable evidence of Avery’s innocence of the Beernsten assault, the Manitowoc County police still clearly viewed him as a violent criminal; how at best tunnel vision set in for a second time, or at worst the seeds of a second miscarriage of justice were deliberately sown.

For more on wrongful conviction compensation in a Canadian context checkout Laura Mijares masters thesis: Compensation for Wrongful Convictions: A study towards an effective regime of tort liability.

Here is a Globe and Main story on Ontario’s use of a special prosecutor in the 2009 Bryant case: Crown faces challenge in giving former A-G a fair trial.

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