Rachel Gilmore

October 26, 2023

So, episode 137– a new record.  But you know that right? Because you subscribe to the show and have already rated and reviewed the podcast – right? You should.

This episode we sit down with journalist Rachel Gilmore. Some call her a lightning rod for the far right,  but more accurately she is a great communicator who delivers excellent short-form news reports that expose misinformation and extremists across all the social media platforms (but not Facebook, sorry olds).

Because of her journalism Rachel has been on the receiving end of some scary shit – online harassment, stalking, and death threats. And she has spoken out about that too.

Why don’t we do a better job or protecting journalists (and basically all non-white men) from hateful and scary harassment? Is it a problem with the laws (no) or a problem of police priorities (definitely yes)?

This episode we break it all down with Rachel Gilmore

You can find Rachel all over the social medias, check out her Linktree.

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