Only FOUR times

June 6, 2021

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New documents reveal that an important federal justice reform, billed as a silver bullet to reduce court backlogs and decrease racial inequities, has only been used FOUR times by the Ottawa Police.

In 2018 the Liberal government introduced bill C-75 which contained a provision designed to divert bail breaches away from the criminal system. The government said that judicial referral hearings would “substantially increase court efficiencies” and address the “overrepresentation of marginalized communities within the criminal justice system.”

Last week Ottawa police told the Police Services Board that over that last two years they have used the new procedure FOUR times.

It turns out that giving new discretionary powers to people who are part of the problem does not really do very much. Especially when they never use the new power.

And anecdotal evidence suggest this is not just an Ottawa problem.

So, what is the government going to do now that they know their solution to a very serious problem is not working?

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