Gun Laws, COCIV-19, and The Room

May 18, 2020

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We start with some house keeping. Emilie has a new job working with the awesome human rights and labour lawyer Paul Champ. And, Michael is nominated for Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Most Influential of 2020 – you can go vote at Canadian Lawyer.

Topic 1: New gun regulations. Following the tragic shooting in Nova Scotia the Liberal government moved to tighten gun regulations. Then, the government misrepresented what they did. And gun nuts and politicians on the right lit their hair on fire. Then they all accused each other of laying politics with tragedy.

We tell you why they are all wrong.

Topic 2: Tommy Wiseau’s The Room lawsuit. The room, a cult hit, it is the best worst movie ever made. Wiseau tried to sue the maker of the Canadian documentary Room Full of Spoons. His lawsuit flopped worse than his movie did. The Ontario Superior Court was not impressed with Wiseau and ordered he pay $750,000 in damages. The best worst lawsuit ever.

Topic 3: Michael airs his court related COVID-19 grievances.

Stay safe, everyone!

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