Ford’s Pandemic Police State

April 19, 2021

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After months of ignoring the warnings of experts, Doug Ford, Ontario’s murder clown Premier, finally decided to take some steps to deal with the growing third wave of the COVID pandemic. But he did not close down super spreader workplaces, or legislate paid sick leave, or speed up vaccinations – no that all would make too much sense. Ford decided to give Ontario police forces the power to randomly stop people and motorists and compelled them to answer police questions.

It was a shockingly unconstitutional and ineffective expansion of the police state. Expanded police powers won’t make things better. Restricting civil liberties and legal protections won’t stop the spread of COVID.

It is all pure theatre from a government who, let’s be honest, doesn’t really care about these life and death issues.

This episode, we break down the first new regulation that gave police uncheck power, and then we break down the second just as bad regulation brought in to replace the first regulation following the totally predictable public outrage.

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