Extreme Intoxication, Entrapment, and Police Brutality

June 9, 2020

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We start with a discussion about the protests that have swept the world following the tragic murder of George Floyd by the police and the hypocrisy of politicians.

Speaking of politicians, we move on to talk about the misrepresentations about a recent Ontario Court of Appeal case that found the Criminal Code’ prohibition on the defence of extreme intoxication unconstitutional. It all started with headlines that falsely claimed that the Court of Appeal ruled that being drunk was a defence to sexual assault. The NDP started a petition, and again misrepresented the issue. The issue is complicated. The constitutional considerations are intricate. And sexual violence is a big problem. But misrepresentations can do damage – so we break it all down.

We end thing off taking about a recent Supreme Court of Canada case on dial-a-dop entrapment schemes. Should police detect crimes or create them?

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