Doug Ford messes with judicial appointments and the Feds take Indigenous kids to court

December 2, 2019

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Ontario’s judicial appointments system is not broken, although Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s attorney general, Doug Downey, seems to be trying his best to destroy its credibility. Downey, you see, is attacking the current process because he thinks we should give him more latitude in appointing his preferred judges.

Last week on TVO’s The Agenda, Downey let his mask slip. He said he wanted to be able to pick judges who reflect the same values he has. Those values appear to be cruelly cutting legal aid; restricting access to justice; embracing the notwithstanding clause; talking tough on crime; and patronage.

This is why Downey and Ford want to fix what is not broken.

If it ain’t broke we can only conclude someone wants the fix to be in.

And the Federal Liberal government is taking Indigenous kids to court – again. This time the government was seeking a stay of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision that ordered Canada to pay compensation to individuals affected by Canada’s discriminatory child and family services funding practices.

The government lost its bid to delay compliance with the order. In the Courts words this could have “resulted in an even longer period of time to wait for the individuals who are expecting compensation.”

The Government’s appeal and continued litigation is pretty disgusting – so expect some fireworks.

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