Covid-19, Magic Mushrooms, and Conversion Therapy

March 14, 2020

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Events are moving fast and things may have changed since we recorded but the impact Covid-19 is beginning to be felt in the justice system. Jury trials have been cancelled, jails are slowly waking up to the reality of the situation, and our courts are bracing for chaos. We start with a look at where the justice system is vulnerable and offer some solutions.

The magic mushrooms defence? After an Alberta judge acquitted a Calgary man finding that the consumption of hallucinogenic magic mushrooms caused him to be in a state of “extreme intoxication akin to non-insane automatism.” We look at the long history of intoxication defences and ask why is the law such a mess.

Finally we take a quick look at the new legislation which seeks to criminalize the reprehensible practice of forced conversion therapy and wonder if there be some constitutional problems on the horizon?

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