Are the feds really fighting Indigenous kids in court

October 3, 2021

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Is the federal government really fighting Indigenous kids in court?

Yes, they are. And they keep losing.

We chat with the amazing Anne Levesque about her work with Cindy Blackstock and the First Nations Child & Family 
Caring Society, who are fighting against the government’s discriminatory underfunding of services for Indigenous kids.

This is a fight that has been  ongoing for over a decade. Each time the Caring Society wins, the  government uses every procedural trick and avenue of appeal to avoid its responsibilities. Most recently, the Caring Society won big in the Federal Court, where the government’s application for a judicial review of a landmark Human Rights Tribunal compensation order for First Nations children was dismissed (read the decision here).

This is such an important case and the amazing advocates fighting for equality are heroes. You can help support the fight and donate to the Caring Society here:

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