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November 25, 2017

So episode 67 – a new record.  But you know that right? Because you subscribe to the show on iTunes and have already rated and reviewed the podcast – right? You should.

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Cannabis legislation is being debated on Parliament Hill. One MP called me a renowned lawyer and one MP said marijuana was as dangerous as fentanyl. At lest one of those MP is batshit crazy. Yes, Peter Kent claimed that by legalizing marijuana we might as well as be force feeding our kids fentanyl – well that was the gist of it. So we make some fun of him.

We also update the tragic Ezekiel Stephan case. The Alberta Court of Appeal upheld Ezekiel’s  parents conviction for their role in his death. We looked at the case way back on episode 41 and we will likely do it all again because this thing is headed to the Supreme Court.

I also tell Emilie a long story about the worse courthouse in Ontario – welcome to Smiths Falls.

And then we talk about mental health in the justice system. The House of Commons Justice Committee is looking at the mental health of jurors. Ontario took action last year. But we need to do more for everyone in our courts.  We don’t talk about mental health enough but maybe that is changing.

We also have some new art – it is still new because it is way easier to just copy and past this section each week – from an awesome young designer Parker Mazerolle – serious he is crazy good – go check out his work.

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