A Miscarriage of Justice, The Necessities of Life, and Peter MacKay

May 9, 2016

So episode 36 – a new record.  But you know that right? Because you subscribe to the show on iTunes and have already rated and reviewed the podcast- right?

This week Emilie and I dive into two cases and then take aim at former Justice Minister Peter MacKay.


After almost two and a half years in jail Connie Oakes is a free woman. Last month the Alberta Court of Appeal over turned Oakes’ conviction and the Crown declined to re-prosocute. The case bears some similarities to the convictions documented in Making a Murderer – tunnel vision, questionable confessions, and lives destroyed.


On April 26th David Stephan and Collet were convicted of failing to provided the necessities of life in the death of their 19-month-old son Ezekiel. How far can the criminal law stretch into parenting and what sentence might the Alberta couple receive.


Peter MacKay defended the Conservative government’s tough on crime legacy and wrote some other dumb stuff in a National Post op-ed.  Emilie and I talk about it and throw up a little in our mouths…..

We also have some new art – it is still new because it is way easier to just copy and past this section each week – from an awesome young designer Parker Mazerolle – serious he is crazy good – go check out his work.

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