Week in Review: All about the Duff (and my firms new web site)

April 13, 2015

Soon I am going to need to take a bit of a break to throw my attention at writing a book chapter about Canada’s failed war on drugs.

But procrastination is bliss – future me can worry about the book.  What better way to put off doing some work than re-hashing what already is in the rear view mirror.

1. My Firm’s New Web Site

This week was all about Duffy, but something much much more exciting happened.  My firm, Abergel Goldstein & Partners finally has our new web site up.  No more god awful GeoCities inspired junk for us.  In all seriousness it was a lot of work.  But in even more seriousness most of the work – ok all of it – was done by Howard Krongold.

Let me know what you think.

2. Duffy Duffy Duffy.  

I don’t even have the energy to recap the Duffy trial.  Nicholas Köhler has been nailing it for MacLeans – well worth the read, if only for gems like this from Day 3:

Crown and defence batted around all day the notion of “constitutional residency” and what it means. For Holmes it is where you hang your hat. For Bayne it is a bureaucratic designation capable of transforming a human being into an administrative entity, one evidently equipped with a nozzle into which the government screws a money hose.

But the Duffy quote of the week has to go to Christie Blatchford writing for the National Post: “When the man with no shame met the place with no rules, so perfect was the marriage, so instant the attraction, the fireworks must have been spectacular.”

3. Duffy and Me

I could not help myself – how can could anyone resist the temptation of weighing in on the ol’ Duff.  Here is a run down of Duffy and Me.

On Monday I wrote for the National Post that perhaps the Duffy trial may not be as interesting as we all thing (spoiler – it sort of is).

I also spoke with MacLean’s Aaron Wherry about some of the more technical aspects of the trial – and yes there is some case law talk.

On Wednesday I spoke with the CBC radio – from Gander to Yellowknife about Duffy.

On Thursday I sat down for a beer with the Rebel’s Brian Lilley to chat about the Duffy trial.  Ya, you read that right, Lilley and me.  As much as I may disagree and disagree with Lilley he is one of the only SunTv personalities who has not blocked me.

To end the week I chatted with MacLean’s on the Hill podcast about the Honourable Senator.

So a fun week – I am sure there will be nothing else to say on the topic.