Michael Spratt is often consulted by members of the media on emerging legal and justice issues.  Many of Mr. Spratt's cases receive media attention both locally and nationally.  The following represent a selection of such articles:

Toronto Star: August 2019: Critics call for new rules for retired judges in wake of SNC-Lavalin affair

National Post: August 2019: New guidelines on ethical dos, don'ts for retired judges coming next year

Huffington Post: August 2019: Doug Ford Told People To Call Him For Legal Aid. Here's How His Office Responds.

CBC News: August 2019: Limits on questions of sexual history during trial welcomed

Huffington Post: August 2019: Doug Ford Is Once Again Asking Ontarians To Call Him For Legal Aid Help

CBC August 2019: Legal aid has suffered from 'lack of leadership' across the board: lawyer

Global News: August 2019: RCMP are ‘carefully’ reviewing SNC-Lavalin affair. What exactly are they looking at?

Global News: August 2019: New ethics guidelines coming for retired judges after role in SNC-Lavalin scandal

CBC: July 2019: Ottawa lawyer seeks redress for 'cruel' victim surcharge

Toronto Sun: July 2019: New drunk driving law causes confusion

Lawye'r’s Daily: Ontario court holds that consensual sex vitiated by fraud is sexual assault

Canadian Lawyer: July 2019: CCTV cameras don't deter crime, so why does Ottawa want them?

Canadian Lawyer: July 2019: More is needed than judicial education for sexual assault law

CBC Opinion: June 2019: Ford's cuts to legal aid will end up costing Ontario way more than they save

Canadian Lawyer: June 2019: Canada's treatment of Indigenous peoples fits the definition of 'genocide'

Canadian Lawyer: June 2019: Ontario needs another Leslie Frost, not another Caroline Mulroney

CBC News: June 2019: Legal aid cuts will clog Ontario's already crowded courts, lawyers warn

Windsor Star: June 2019: Windsor lawyers worry that funding cuts mean more jail for poor, vulnerable

Law Times: June 2019: Lawyers post social media videos on legal aid cuts

CTV News: June 2019: No protections for asthmatics who can't provide breathalyzer samples: Lawyer

Globe and Mail: June 2019: Premier Ford facing calls for outside review of appointments in wake of patronage scandal

CBC: May 2019: Removing minimum sentence for sex crime may seem disgusting, but it's actually more just

Globe and Mail: May 2019: Doug Ford’s chief of staff pressed police forces to crack down on illegal cannabis storefronts after legalization

Canadian Lawyer: May 2019: The judicial system can’t withstand political interference

Lawyer’s Daily: May 2019: Drug convictions tossed as Appeal Court rules anonymous tip was not ‘sufficiently credible’

Canadian Lawyer: April 2019: Ontario's legal aid cuts leave David unarmed against Goliath

Toronto Star: April 2019: Ontario abandons property ownership as source of jurors

Law Times: March 2019: Podcasts a unique way of getting word out

CBC News: March 2019: As RCMP lies in wait, legal minds ponder whether SNC-Lavalin scandal warrants criminal probe

The Lawyer’s Daily: March 2019: B.C. Appeal Court highlights need to consider mental illness when sentencing impaired offender

National Post: February 2019: Oh, the irony: Trudeau can blame this all on his own omnibus bill

CBC News: February 2019: Jody Wilson-Raybould says she's bound by 'solicitor-client privilege,' won't comment on SNC-Lavalin scandal

Ottawa Citizen: February 2019: Ottawa police officer's manslaughter trial resumes as disclosure issues hold potentially 'dire' impact

CBC News: February 2019: Pleading guilty: The complex reasons for a criminal defendant to waive their right to trial

Canadian Lawyer: January 2019: New federal justice minister was law prof

CBC News: January 2019: Bench madness: Law office pool to crown all-time finest fictional lawyer

Vancouver Sun: January 2019: If she doesn’t sit, you must acquit: Man beats B.C. drug charge thanks to sniffer dog’s ‘partial’ signal

Ottawa Patters:January 2019: Protesters demand Bell change "restrictive" phone policies for inmates

National Post: January 2019: NP View: Racism lurks in the supposedly 'woke' Liberals' new impaired driving laws

CTV News: January 2019: How the rules for breath tests in Canada have changed

National Post: January 2019: Chris Selley: Canadians, prepare to be breathalyzed

Global News: January 2019: EXCLUSIVE: White and non-Indigenous offenders made up 11% of those in healing lodges last year

Canadian Lawyer: January 2019: Action needed on pardon system, say criminal lawyers

Epoch Times: December 2018: China’s Detention of Canadians Shows Regime’s True Colors

Canadian Lawyer: December 2018: Who is the best fictional lawyer of all-time?

CTV News: December 2018: Mandatory drunk driving tests hitting the roads before the holidays 

Epoch Times: December 2018: The Many Passports of Arrested Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou

Globe and Mail: December 2018: Canada will pay a price no matter what for its part in the worsening U.S.-China conflict

Chat News Today: December 2018: New impaired driving laws called 'groundless' by lawyer

CTV News: December 2018: 'You will be caught,' ministers vow ahead of compulsory breath tests for drivers

FactsCan: December 2018: Arnold Viersen: “Children aged 12 to 17 can possess up to five grams” of marijuana.

Lawyer’s Daily: November 2018: Some Canadian lawyers expect U.S. government to get with times, legalize marijuana nationwide

Lawyer’s Daily: November 2018: RCMP chief superintendent’s drug-impaired driving comments could land him in court, lawyers say

CBC News: November 2018: Police issue publication ban warning in youth manslaughter case

Canadian Lawyer: November 2018: Broken promises in C-75

Lawyer’s Daily: October 2018: Senate amends consent provisions in sexual assault bill but rejects defence bar’s plea to drop ‘reverse disclosure’

Canadian Press: October 2018: Supreme Court of Canada limits when accused drunk drivers can get breathalyzer logs

Canadian Lawyer: October 2018: After the destructive fool's errand of pot prohibition, expungement now!

CBC News: October 2018: Tens of thousands of Canadians could soon be eligible for a pot pardon, but lawyers warn about limitations

Canadian Lawyer: October 2018: The Liberals are all vision, no reform

The Lawyer’s Daily: October 2018: Canada’s top cop says officers ready for pot-smoking drivers; lawyers say issues still linger

The Lawwyer’s Daily: October 2018: As final vote nears on Bill C-51, senators consider law groups’ proposals to fix sex assault law reforms

Winnipeg Free Press: October 2018: Ottawa to expedite pardons for simple cannabis possession

Canadian Lawyer: October 2018: Kavanagh confirmation sows decades of judicial distrust

Canadian Lawyer: September 2018: Feds need constitutional remedy on sexual assault intoxication defence

Ottawa Citizen: September 2018: Hill: One legal system for corporations, another for the rest of us?

The Lawyer’s Daily: September 2018: Criminal defence lawyers leery of feds’ new cannabis testing device

Canadian Lawyer: September 2018: Among Premier's influencers and the AG's true role, Mulroney is absent

CTV News: August 2018: Feds approve controversial roadside test to help cops catch high drivers

CBC News: August 2018: Despite 'Good Samaritan' law, many drug users too scared of arrest to report overdoses

Canadian Lawyer: August 2018: After Danforth shooting, no solutions just political theatre

CBC News: August 2018: How much emotion should a judge show in the courtroom?

Canadian Lawyer: August 2018: Getting to the real root of gun violence

Ottawa Citizen: July 2018: Two years after Jordan, the Ottawa courthouse remains beset by delays

Vice News: July 2018: We Spoke to Experts about Mental Health and the Toronto Shooter

Toronto Star: July 2018: ‘It’s actually shocking how archaic’ Ontario’s criminal courts are

Toronto Star: July 2018: How the underfunding of legal aid is clogging up the justice system

Toronto Star: July 2018: Federal government urged to rein in mandatory minimum sentences

The Law Times: July 2018: New AG to face significant challenges

Ottawa Citizen: July 2018: Spratt: On gun violence, Jim Watson and John Tory shoot from the lip

Canadian Lawyer: July 2018: AG Mulroney's big debut is a throwback fail

Toronto Star: July 2018: Federal government urged to rein in mandatory minimum sentences

Canadian Lawyer: June 2018: Dear soon-to-be-premier

The Lawyer's Daily: June 2018: Random breath testing coming to Canada Dec. 18; counsel foresee Charter attacks ‘very early on’

CBA National: June 2018: Trial and error: criminal justice reform

The Leaf Cannabis News: May 2018: Cannabis legalization won't let youth off the hook: experts

iPolitics: May 2018: Senators drop mandatory alcohol screening from impaired driving bill

Canadian Lawyer: May 2018: Court denies Toronto officer's appeal, upholds sentence in Yatim case

Canadian Lawyer: April 2018: Apply the principles of the Gladue decision to good character requirements for lawyers

Vice News: April 2018: Lawyer Blames Racist Baseball Bat Attack On Smoking Weed, Receives Conditional Discharge

Law Times: April 2018: Sweeping changes proposed for Criminal Code

Canadian Lawyer: April 2018: Liberal criminal justice reforms a bold betrayal

Canadian Lawyer: April 2018: Liberal government justice reforms will cause further delays, criminal lawyers say

National Post: April 2018: Christie Blatchford: Unlike Canada, U.K. has learned sex assault 'victims' aren't always victims

Ottawa Citizen: April 2018: Why the new justice reform bill, C-75, is anything but just

CBC: March 2018: Lawyers say post-Boushie justice reforms could actually make juries less diverse

Canadian Press: March 2018: Liberals set to reform jury selection process following Colten Boushie case

Vice News: March 2018: Why Dealers Who Sell Fentanyl-Laced Coke Probably Won’t Be Convicted of Murder

CBC: March 2018: Hull-Aylmer MP pledges to help clear pot offenders' records

CTV News: March 2018: Gatineau Police defend arrest of Radio-Canada reporter

CBA National: March 2018: Reforms to Canada's criminal justice system proposed

Canadian Lawyer: March 2018: Pot bill’s sober second thought

Toronto Star: March 2018: Why hiring more judges won’t necessarily speed up the justice system

Canadian Lawyer: March 2018: Just say no to the police

National Post: February 2018: Trudeau putting judicial independence at risk with Boushie comments, lawyers say

iPolitics: February 2018: Why not just let jurors talk?

Toronto Star: February 2018: How a broken jury list makes Ontario justice whiter, richer and less like your community

Metro News: February 2018: How a broken jury list makes Ontario justice whiter, richer and less like your community

Canadian Lawyer: February 2018: More Tasers, more problems?

Ottawa Sun: February 2018: Spratt: Canada has the opportunity to fix its justice system

Canadian Lawyer: February 2018: Stanley acquittal should not lead to scrapping peremptory challenges, say criminal lawyers

Canadian Lawyer: February 2018: Blaming shootings on carding decline defies logic

CBC News: February 2018: Quebec stands firm on plan to ban all homegrown pot

CBC News: February 2018: The gruesome job that jurors endure: How much is your civic duty worth?

CBC The Current: February 2018: Due process is for the courts, not for #MeToo, argues lawyer

CBC News: January 2018: Critics doubt new police stats on street checks

CBC The Current: January 2018: 'Justice can wait': advocate says leniency for convicted sex offenders ignores victims' rights

Canadian Lawyer: January 2018: My predictions for federal justice reform in 2018

Canadian Lawyer: January 2018: Trudeau’s Aga Khan vacation, get ready for Duffy part 2

Canadian Press: January 2018: Justice reform consultations ask Canadians to think beyond law-and-order

1310 News: January 2018: Loss of carding partly to blame for shootings: police union

The Tyee: January 2018: Loblaws Skates on Price-fixing, Tried to Send Homeless Man to Jail

CTV News: January 2018: With 'MeToo,' does political arena need same burden of proof as courtroom?

CBC News: January 2018: Due process is for the courts, not for #MeToo, argues lawyer

CBC Opinion: January 2018: The presumption of Innocence is for courtrooms, not politics

Law Times: December 2017: No movement on scrapping surcharge

Canadian Lawyer: December 2017: Criminal defence lawyers need to be included in mental health conversation

Lawyer's Daily: December 2017: Security screening at Toronto Police HQ could have ‘chilling effect’ on public access, lawyers say

Lawyer's Daily: November 2017: Proposed impaired driving laws could lead to ‘criminalizing’ some pot users, lawyers say

Lawyer's Daily: November 2017: Defence bar hopes Senate will amend sexual assault law reforms

Canadian Lawyer: November 2017: Ontario AG's announcement of new provincial bail directives admission of decades of failure

Law Times: November 2017: Lawyers criticize proposed THC regulation

National Post: November 2017: Religious groups urge MPs to keep Criminal Code prohibition on disrupting a worship service

CanadaLand Shortcuts: November 2017: Weekend With Bernie

CBC News: November 2017: 'Completely absurd': Lawyers doubt clout of pending pot regulations

CBA: November 2017: Listening to Podcast Can Help Your Career

Lawyer's Daily: October 2017: MPs heed defence bar’s warning that compelling defence disclosure in sex assault cases violates Charter

Lawyer's Daily: October 2017: Liberals’ tweaks to impaired driving bill can’t fix Charter flaws, lawyer groups say

Lawyer's Daily: October 2017: Public’s ‘appetite for reform’ paves way for pledged record suspension changes

CBC News: October 2017: Government releases legal limits for drugged driving but can't say how much pot is too much

Canadian Lawyer: October 2017: Marijuana bill another example of Liberals’ broken promises

Huffington Post: October 2017: Mel Arnold, Tory MP, Wants Thieves To Face Life Sentences For Stolen Firefighting Equipment

Law Times: October 2017: Liberals drop controversial height restriction on homegrown pot plants

National Post: September 2017: Legalized marijuana will lead to more impaired driving, police tell Commons committee

Lawyer's Daily: September 2017: Experts dispute lawyers’ warning to MPs that impaired driving bill violates Charter

CTV News: September 2017: Proposed changes to impaired driving laws raises red flags: lawyer

Ottawa Citizen: September 2017: Judge gives pot shop budtender some advice that may spare him a criminal record

Global News: September 2017: ‘I was in shock’: Ottawa mom sparks debate over pornography in libraries

Law Times: September 2017: Ontario to improve provincial court diversity

Globe and Mail: September 2017: Marijuana policy: Are we protecting our children?

Huffington Post: September 2017: Porn-Watcher In Ottawa Library Spurs Discussion About Freedom Of Information

Toronto Star: September 2017: Judges to preside over bail hearings at two courthouses

1310 News: September 2017: Porn viewing goes unpunished at Ottawa libraries

CTV News: September 2017: Legalizing marijuana won't extinguish black market, House committee hears

CBC News: September 2017: Library patrons allowed to surf porn, Ottawa mom discovers

The Georgia Straight: September 2017: Harshing the Buzz on Bill C-45: Lawyer says bill for legal cannabis leaves criminalization intact

Lawyer's Daily: September 2017: Lawyer warns cannabis bill is constitutionally flawed and harmful

Standard Freeholder: September 2017: Defendant acquitted of sexual assault and sexual interference in Cornwall trial

Standard Freeholder: September 2017:  Verdict in Cornwall sexual-assault trial expected Friday

Standard Freeholder: September 2017: Defendant in Cornwall sex-assault trial proclaims his innocence

Standard Freeholder: September 2017: Defence in Cornwall sexual assault trial says witness made up story of assault

CBC News: September 2017: Proposed pot law too harsh on young people, lawyer argues

The Fulcrum: August 2017: Sexual assault trial of former U of O hockey players further delayed

Canadian Press: August 2017: Justice officials testing waters for sentencing reform promised by Liberals

Ottawa Sun: August 2017: Tightening drunk driving laws would put Canada closer to many other countries: MADD

Globe & Main: August 2017: Amid court backlogs, Wilson-Raybould seeks provinces’ help to lower blood-alcohol limit

Ottawa Citizen: August 2017: Why decriminalizing all drugs makes sense

Toronto Starr: July 2017: Supreme Court reversal allows LGBTQ groups to take part in case involving B.C. Christian university

Hamilton Spectator: July 2017: The Spectator’s View: Khadr fight should be fought at home

Canadian Press: July 2017: Baloney Meter: 'A little baloney' in claim feds couldn't stop Khadr lawsuit

National Post: June 2017: Retroactive changes to criminal pardons found unconstitutional

CBC News: June 2017: Frivolous motions not the cause of court delays, Ottawa defence lawyers say

Mental Floss: June 2017: 5 Once-Banned Things That Could Soon Be Legal in Canada

The Lawyer's Daily: June 2017: It’s time to re-evaluate the jury system

CBC News: June 2017: Government inaction to blame for unequal access to criminal pardons, lawyers claim

Canadian Lawyer: June 2017:  The Ghomeshi rules: Bill C-51 creates unprecedented case of reverse disclosure

Canadian Lawyer: July 2017: Dislike of Khadr settlement does not entitle critics to disregard law or facts

Canadian Lawyer: May 2017: Proposed new jails are proof Canada is not upholding UN norms

Global News: May 2017: Canada’s strangest laws: From witchcraft to blasphemy to sleigh bells

Globe and Mail: May 2017: Most Canadians oppose giving police greater powers to obtain breath samples: poll

CPAC: May 2017: Primetime Politics

The Lawyer's Daily: May 2017: Fine line between plain language and inappropriate commentary in judicial decisions

Globe and Mail: April 2017: Mulcair calls out Trudeau on ‘hypocrisy’ in marijuana anecdote

Metro News: April 2017: Safe Space Ep. 9: Pot puns and police tweets

CTV News: April 2017: Marijuana bill gives police too much power to search drivers: civil rights groups

APTN News: April 2017: Gladue report program in Ottawa facing too many delays, tying up courts and local jail: Lawyers

CTV News: April 2017: Trudeau says his father got his brother help in dealing with pot charge

Canadian Lawyer: April 2017: Broken pot promise would send Liberals’ credibility up in smoke

The Lawyers's Daily: April 2017: Silence not the answer to Ottawa's police controversies

CBC News: April 2017: Ottawa police officer disciplined for taking unmarked car to Montreal bachelor party

Vice News: April 2017: Why Critics Are Saying Justin Trudeau’s Weed Bill Is a Continuation of the War on Drugs

Globe and Mail: April 2017: Opinion: Policing the problem of 'us versus them'

CBC News: April 2017: Retroactive changes to criminal pardons violate charter rights, B.C. judge rules

Toronto Star: March 2017: Scrapping preliminary hearings 'not going to solve' problem of court delays

Ottawa Sun: March 2017: After Abdi's death, public deserves more than police technicalities

Canadian Lawyer: March 2017: Liberals pick only low-hanging justice fruit with Bill C-39

CBC: February 2017: Province gets 'kickback' from inmates' collect calls, lawyer says

CBC: February 2017: Liberals looking to eliminate many mandatory minimum sentences, justice minister says

CBC: February 2017: Criminal courts scramble to meet Supreme Court's new trial timelines

Globe and Mail: February 2017: Ontario prosecutors told they can skip preliminary inquiries to avoid delays

Capital News: February 2017: Majority of Ontario inmates yet to be convicted

iPolitics: Janaury 2017: Cone of silence over Mark Norman's removal fuelling rumours: lawyer

CBC: January 2016:  Elliot Lake mall collapse trial nears end

Vice: January 2017: New Video Shows Toronto Cops Tasering a Man on the Ground and Telling People Not to Film It

Toronto Star: December 2017: Criminal-record database spotty and out of date, lawyers lament

CBA National: December 2016: Will the Criminal Code finally get a makeover in 2017?

Ottawa Sun: December 2016: Province to see bail reforms, more judges and prosecutors hired, attorney general announces

iPolitics: November 2016: Thibeault 'should face charges,' says Democracy Watch co-founder

CBC: November 2016:  Creep Catchers bring vigilante tactics to Ottawa Valley

Canadian Lawyer: November 2016: Trudeau’s government should act on promises of justice reform

iPolitics: November 2016: The RCMP needs you scared — and the media seems happy to help

CBC November 2016: Government defends retroactive elements of criminal pardons law

Law Times: November 2016:  Challenge to hinge on pardon waiting period

CTV: November 2016: Take a rare look inside the notorious Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre

VICE: October 2016: Why It’s So Hard to Fire Bad Cops in Ontario

CBC: October 2016: Brampton man filmed plying woman with vodka guilty of sex assault

CBC: October 2016: 7,500 people to get texts asking for info in Frederick John Hatch homicide, OPP say

CTV: October 2016: OPP use court-obtained cell data to text over 7,500 possible murder witnesses

CBC: October 2016: How video like this can be 'very powerful' evidence in sexual assault trials

Ottawa Sun: October 2016: Police racism? It’s part of the system

CBC: September 2016: Elliot Lake mall collapse investigation needs 'second look,' resident says

Vice: September 2016: Why the Ottawa Cop Who Made Racist Facebook Comments Likely Won't Be Held Accountable

Vice Canada: September 2016: Rape Trial In Which Complainant Was Blackout Drunk Raises Questions About Consent

Canadian Lawyer: August 2016: The thin blue line: police accountability

CTV News: July 2016: Ottawa man dies after arrest that left him in a 'pool of blood'

Canadian Lawyer: July 2016: It’s been 25 years since Askov but little has changed

Vice Canada: July 2016: Calgary Man Said He’s ‘Sorry’ for Killing House Party Guests He Believed Were Werewolves

Ottawa Sun: June 2016: SPRATT: Crown bury heads in sand on bail failures

Canadian Lawyer: June 2016: The war on drugs blindly marches on

CBC News: May 2016: Lawyers, advocates call for bail reform to ease jail overcrowding

Metro: May 2016: Ottawa police officers never charged after 'egregious' Charter breaches

CBC News: May 2016: Trudeau grab an assault? Maybe technically, but PM unlikely to be charged

Ottawa Sun: May 2016: Conviction overturned after police breach woman's rights

Canadian Lawyer: May 2016: The ‘Dickensian hellscape’ of our jails

Canadian Lawyer: May 2016: Higher standard of proof required for police discipline: appeal court

Ottawa Citizen: May 2016: Editorial: Brampton drinking and driving ruling may have wide implications

iPolitics: April 2016: The Liberals say they have big plans for criminal law. So where are they?

Canadian Press: April 2016: Canada lacks full picture of issues related to bail: Justice documents

Huffington Post: April 2016: Mike Duffy Ruling Could Put Brakes On Expense Cases Against Other Senators

Maclean's: April 2016: Maclean’s on the Hill: Mike Duffy is not guilty

Sun News: April 2016: Expect Duffy to beat some -- but not all - 31 charges

CBC: April 2016: Mike Duffy ruling could put brakes on expense cases against other senators

CanadaLand: April 2016: Trial By Media, Media On Trial

The Coast: April 2016: Weapons of mass intimidation

Global News: April 2016: Duffy Trial: Crown needed to prove intent to get a conviction, says expert

Canadian Lawyer: April 2016: The Criminal Code is a weighty book — literally

Canadian Lawyer: March 2016: Obviously hard to prove

CBC: March 2016: Watchdog to probe complaint against Ottawa police in hit-and-run death

Vice: March 2016: Canadian Police Used Lie Detectors In Parliament Hill Terror Attack Investigation

Canadian Lawyer: February 2016: Think Making a Murderer can’t happen in Canada? Think again

VICE: February 2016: What the Jian Ghomeshi Trial Tells Us About Victim Blaming, Credibility, and Traumatic Memories

Toronto Star: February 2016: Local defence lawyers see strong week for Jian Ghomeshi

CBC: February 2016: What's it like to testify in a sexual assault case?

Globe and Mail: February 2016: Federal prosecutors maintain hard line on pot as legalization looms

iPolitics: February 2016: Duffy’s fraud and bribery trial hits the home stretch Monday

Vice: January 2016: Front-line Toronto Cops to get Military-Grade Assault Rifles

VICE: January 2016: We Asked Lawyers if the Prosecution in the Ghomeshi Trial is Performing as Badly as It Seems

Canadian Lawyer: January 2016: More than sunny ways needed to address mandatory minimums

BuzzFeed Canada: January 2016: The RCMP Lied That Children Were In Danger So They Could Illegally Enter A Home

Ottawa Sun: January 2016: Making a Murderer dissected by Ottawa lawyers in podcast

Huffington Post: January 2016: Toronto Police Rifle Purchase: Critic Slams Decision As 'Incredibly Misguided'

Ottawa Sun: January 2016: Trailers set up to house temp staff at Innes Rd. jail

CBC: January 2016: Making a Murderer: Ottawa lawyers dissect Netflix series on podcast

Ottawa Sun: December 2015: Inmates refuse meals to protest Innes Rd. jail conditions

Ottawa Sun: November 2015: 'Inhumane' Innes Rd. jail getting a makeover: Naqvi

Ottawa Sun: November 2015: Patrick Brazeau's slap on wrist not right: Defence lawyer

Ottawa Sun: September 2015: Beefed-up court security a foolish over-reaction

iPolitics: October 2015: Stow that spliff, Canada — you won’t be lighting up legally for a while yet

Global News: October 2015: Group threatens Liberals with new legal challenge over sex work law

Ottawa Sun: September 2015: Human and financial costs of drug war just too high: Spratt

Toronto Star: August 2015: Mounties give Pamela Wallin file to Crown, CTV reports

CTV: August 2015: RCMP investigation into Pamela Wallin's expenses handed to Crown

Law Times: August 2015: Prof concerned as legal issues sidelined by politics in Duffy case

National Post: August 2015: Michael Spratt: The public’s interest in the Mike Duffy affair

National Post: August 2015: Michael Spratt: The Duffy trial’s ironic twist

CTV News: August 2015: Wright testimony may hurt Crown's case in Duffy trial: criminal lawyer

CTV Power Play (video): August 2015: Did Wright help or hurt Duffy?

CBC (video): August 2015: Defence lawyer on Nigel Wright testimony

Ottawa Sun: August 2015: Ottawa Police Service's board's dismissal of racial data 'a disgrace'

Globe and Mail: August 2015: Five things to watch for as the Duffy trial resumes

iPolitics: August 2015: The Duffy trial: What will Nigel Wright say — and how will voters react?

CTV News: August 2015: Harper facing questions after PMO staffer spotted talking to witness at Duffy trial

Ottawa Citizen: August 2015: Ottawa jail in 'crisis' as lockdowns continue to soar

Macleans: August 2015: Election Issues 2015: A Maclean’s primer on marijuana

Ottawa Sun: July 2015: Cops need new ideas to beat Ottawa's gang issues says lawyer Michael Spratt

ICI Radio-Canada: July 2015: Des gardiens privés s'occuperont des mesures de sécurité au palais de justice d'Ottawa

OSCAR: July 2015: Getting Smart About Crime

The Lawyers Weekly: July 2015: Friedman sees opportunity lost for police scrutiny

Canadian Press: July 2015: Federal victim surcharge bound for Supreme Court, defence lawyers say

Canadian Press: June 2015: Placing Del Mastro in handcuffs, leg irons standard procedure: OPP

Global News: June 2015: Conservatives spend almost $7M defending unconstitutional legislation

Ottawa Sun: June 2015: Ottawa street checks are the 'wild west,' lawyer says

Global News: June 2015: Lawyer crowdfunding challenge to tough-on-crime law he calls ‘unfair, unconstitutional’

Globe and Mail: May 2015: Man crowdfunding his fight against the 10-year wait for a legal pardon

The Rebel: Why Mike Duffy's intent is "centrally important" to trial's outcome -- and how mud slinging could backfire

CBA National Magazine: May 2014: Crowdfunding justice

The Lawyers Weekly: May 2015: Lawyers warn bill on fast track could have unanticipated fallout

Halifax Herald: May 2015: Rehtaeh law at centre of hate speech debate

CBC: May 2015: FHRITP charges serve as deterrent — even without a conviction

MacLean's: May 2015: A rough guide to the charges against Mike Duffy

Toronto Star: May 2015: Pilot's assault conviction comes with warning to Air Canada

City News: May 2015: Duffy trial enters week 2, senate human resources employee to testify

National Post: April 2015: Michael Spratt: Don’t expect fireworks at the Mike Duffy trial

Law Times: April 2015:  Police granted extra 12 months to try to crack suspect’s computer encryption

The Law Times: The Hill: Decision against federal lawyer’s election run sparks outrage in Ottawa

iPolitics: April 2015: ‘Judicial activism’ isn’t killing Harper’s crime agenda — Harper is

CTV Canada AM: March 2015: Jury reaches an impasse

APTN: PMO ordered Justice department to re-word Criminal Code to weaken Gladue principles for Aboriginal offenders

National Post: March 2015: Michael Spratt: Conservatives have neither the law nor the facts on their side in the niqab debate

iPolitics: March 2015: Hypocrites in a hurry — Harper’s mad dash to pass C-51

iPolitics: March 2015: Key legal voices blocked from C-51 committee debate

Vice: March 2015: Some Kind of Monster: A Brief History of Harper’s Big Fat Omnibus Bills

Halifax Herald: March 2015: No-chance parole bill in spotlight

CBA National Magazine: March 2015: Life sentences without parole

Globe and Mail: February 2015: Fair trial in question for Ottawa man linked to 2007 triple homicide

Metro: February 2015: Ontario Government’s blocking of lawyer’s blog ‘troubling’

Global News: January 2015: RCMP seeking ‘accountability’ after Alberta RCMP shooter released from jail

iPolitics: January 2015: You thought your phone was private. You were wrong.

iPolitics: January 2015: Please don’t confuse Peter MacKay with facts

iPolitics: January 2015: When Peter MacKay committed sociology

iPolitics: January 2015: Life behind bars: the politics of despair

Ottawa Metro: Eight days of deliberations not surprising in Magnotta trial, say Ottawa lawyers

Ottawa Sun: December 31: Man held in Boxing Day shooting at Tanger Outlet mall

Halifax Herald: December 2014: LEGER: Eroding civil rights for political gain

CTV News: December 2014: Magnotta jury must now decide 'what was going through his mind'

iPolitics: November 2014: Prison nation: What locking up more people is costing us

iPolitics: November 2014: Franck Gervais did a dumb thing. Should it be a crime?

iPolitics: November 2014: The honour killing bill: Who’s the barbarian now?

National Magazine: November 2014: New laws for Canada's spies

CBC Radio: December 2014: Mandatory charges for domestic violence

Post Media: November 2014: Massimo Pacetti incident could be misunderstanding, former colleague says

iPolitics: November 2014: Secret witnesses? Curtailed cross-exams? The poison pill in the ‘victims’ rights bill’

National Post: November 2014: Lawyers criticize Tories’ victim’s rights bill that would give judges power to let witnesses testify anonymously

CBC Radio - Ottawa Morning: October 2014: After 20 years Ontario is making it easier to get Legal Aid

Globe and Mail: October 2014: Judge set to rule on Moncton shootings

iPolitics: October 2014: Here come the thought police

Ottawa Sun: October 2014: Barnett guilty of manslaughter, not murder: Defence

CTV Caanada AM: October 2014: Sentencing hearing for Moncton Shooter

Global News: September 2014: Magnotta trial: The art of jury selection

Global News: September 2014: Magnotta trial: What do we know? What will the trial reveal?

CTV: Canada AM: September 2014: Magnotta jury selection process similar to voodoo: lawyer

iPolitics: September 2014: Firing blind: The Harper government’s bungled crime agenda

Globe and Mail: August 2014: Serious error found in a second Tory crime bill

Metro News: August 2014: No charges for man who ‘accidentally’ broke into Trudeau family home

iPolitics: August 2014: The Harper government’s lonely struggle against reality

National Post: August 2014: Growing number of Canadian police forces bulking up with armoured vehicles

Some Honourable Members Podcast: August 2014: Privacy and Justice

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