Michael Spratt received a B.Sc. (Hon) in Biology and Environmental Science from McMaster University in 2001.  Mr. Spratt was called to the Bar in 2005 after attending law school at Dalhousie University and articling in Toronto at the well known criminal law firm Hicks Block Adams

Mr. Spratt is a partner at the boutique criminal law firm Abergel Goldstein & Partners.  The firm has thrived since its inception and is regarded as one of Ottawa premier criminal law firms.

Mr. Spratt has appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada, the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Superior Court of Justice, and the Ontario Court of Justice.  Whether before a judge or jury Mr. Spratt's primary focus is protecting the rights of his clients.  He has successfully litigated cases ranging from simple assaults to complex murders.   

Mr. Spratt frequently appears as an expert witness before Canada's House of Commons and Senate on issues relating and is frequent contributor to iPolitics.ca, the National Post, and the Ottawa Sun

Below is a brief summary of some of Mr. Spratt's professional activities:


Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa - DCAO (2005-)

Criminal Lawyers Association - CLA (2006-)


CLA – Board of directors (2009-2011)

DCAO – Executive (Treasurer) (2012-2014)

DCAO - Executive (Director) (2014-2015)

DCAO - Vice President (2015-2016)


CLA Membership Committee (2011)

CLA Legislation Committee (2009-)

CLA Retainer and Professional Responsibility Committee (2010, 2011)

DCAO & Law Foundation – Young Lawyers Conference – Ethics, Civility and Advocacy – Planning committee (2010-2016)

Ottawa Inmate Suit Exchange Program (2013-2016)

Youth Justice Court Committee (2012-2016)

Ottawa Bail Committee (2012-2016)

OPS Joint KGB advisory Committee (2012)


Frequent appearances before committees at the House Commons and Senate


Review: Justice Defiled: Perverts, Potheads, Serial Killers and Lawyers, Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies, v. 13, 2004

DCAO Montebello Conference – Future of the YCJA (2010)

DCAO Montebello Conference – R. v. Hamilton – Dispensing the requirement for technical expertise (2011)

Criminal Lawyers Association Conference: R. v. Johnson – If The Circumstances Justify (Enhanced Credit) (2011)

DCAO Magazine (2012): Dangers of Section 486 Appointment

DCAO Montebello Conference – Defence Hearsay (2012)

iPolitics: November 2013: Walking a razor’s edge in the Senate scandal

iPolitics: November 2013: C-13: A digital Trojan horse for the surveillance state

iPolitics: December 2013: Presumed guilty: DNA and the police

iPolitics: December 2013: Mandatory victim fines: It’s not about justice

iPolitics: January: 2014: One law for the rich, another for everyone else

iPolitics: May 2014: Does the government’s enemies list now include judges?

iPolitics: May 2014: Suddenly, it’s open season on judges

iPolitics: August 2014: The creeping militarization of the police

iPolitics: July 2014: Why didn’t the Mounties charge Nigel Wright? Tactics

iPolitics: August 2014: The creeping militarization of the police

iPolitics: August 2014: The Harper government’s lonely struggle against reality

iPolitics: September 2014: Firing blind: The Harper government’s bungled crime agenda

iPolitics: October 2014: Here come the thought police

iPolitics: November 2014: Secret witnesses? Curtailed cross-exams? The poison pill in the ‘victims’ rights bill’

iPolitics: November 2014: Prison nation: What locking up more people is costing us

iPolitics: November 2014: Franck Gervais did a dumb thing. Should it be a crime?

iPolitics: November 2014: The honour killing bill: Who’s the barbarian now?

iPolitics: December 2014: Protecting victims of crime — by ignoring them

iPolitics: January 2015: You thought your phone was private. You were wrong.

iPolitics: January 2015: Please don’t confuse Peter MacKay with facts

iPolitics: January 2015: When Peter MacKay committed sociology

iPolitics: January 2015: Life behind bars: the politics of despair

National Post: March 2015: Michael Spratt: Conservatives have neither the law nor the facts on their side in the niqab debate

iPolitics: March 2015: Hypocrites in a hurry — Harper’s mad dash to pass C-51

iPolitics: April 2015: ‘Judicial activism’ isn’t killing Harper’s crime agenda — Harper is

National Post: April 2015: Michael Spratt: Don’t expect fireworks at the Mike Duffy trial

Ottawa Sun: July 2015: Cops need new ideas to beat Ottawa's gang issues says lawyer Michael Spratt

OSCAR: July 2015: Getting Smart About Crime

National Post: August 2015: Michael Spratt: The Duffy trial’s ironic twist

Ottawa Sun: August 2015: Ottawa Police Service's board's dismissal of racial data 'a disgrace'

Ottawa Sun: September 2015: Human and financial costs of drug war just too high: Spratt

Ottawa Sun: September 2015: Beefed-up court security a foolish over-reaction

iPolitics: October 2015: Stow that spliff, Canada — you won’t be lighting up legally for a while yet

Ottawa Sun: November 2015: Patrick Brazeau's slap on wrist not right: Defence lawyer

Canadian Lawyer: January 2016: More than sunny ways needed to address mandatory minimums

Canadian Lawyer: February 2016: Think Making a Murderer can’t happen in Canada? Think again

Canadian Lawyer: April 2016: The Criminal Code is a weighty book — literally

Canadian Lawyer: March 2016: Obviously hard to prove

iPolitics: April 2016: The Liberals say they have big plans for criminal law. So where are they?

Canadian Lawyer: May 2016: The ‘Dickensian hellscape’ of our jails

Ottawa Sun: June 2016: SPRATT: Crown bury heads in sand on bail failures

Canadian Lawyer: June 2016: The war on drugs blindly marches on

Canadian Lawyer: July 2016: It’s been 25 years since Askov but little has changed

Canadian Lawyer: August 2016: The thin blue line: police accountability

Canadian Lawyer: September 2016: Cameras in court: Be careful what you wish for

Canadian Lawyer: October 2016: Defence counsel hit hardest by antiquated court processes

CBC: October 2016: The case against cameras in the courtroom

Ottawa Sun: October 2016: Police racism? It’s part of the system

Canadian Lawyer: November 2016: Trudeau’s government should act on promises of justice reform

iPolitics: November 2016: The RCMP needs you scared — and the media seems happy to help

Canadian Lawyer: December 2016: Real change in court system must start with Crown attorneys

Canadian Lawyer: January 2017: Why plea bargains can be a deal with the devil

Canadian Lawyer: February 2017: Conservatives use fear-based politicking to undermine our justice system


Guest Instructor - Carlton University - SOCI 2450A: Criminology

Facilitator - Ottawa University School of Law - CML3174W: Dean's Legal Research and Writing Fellowship

Guest Instructor - Ottawa University School of Law - CML1103: Criminal Law and Procedure (2016)

Guest Instructor - Ottawa University School of Law - CML1203: Criminal Law and Procedure (2016)

Guest Instructor - Algonquin College - 1611X01FWO: Victimology Program (2014)

Guest Instructor - Ottawa University School of Law - 1203F: Criminal Law and Procedure (2014)

Guest Instructor - Carleton University - SOCI 3410B: Challenges Facing Police in the 21st Century (2014)

Guest Instructor - Ottawa University School of Law - Evidence (2013)  

Guest Instructor - Carleton University - Laws 2301: Criminal Justice System (2013)  

Guest Instructor - Carleton University - Laws 4106: Law and Violence (2013)   

Presenter – DCAO/CCLA Defence Lawyer Conference: Legislative Update (2013) 

Guest Instructor - Ottawa University School of Law - The Law of Homicide (2013) 

Guest Instructor – Queens University – Trial Advocacy (2013)

Presenter – DCAO/CCLA Defence Lawyer Conference –  Defence Hearsay (2012)

Guest Instructor - Ukraine Juvenile Justice Reform Project (UJJRP)  (2012)

Presenter – CLA Conference – R. v. Johnson (2011)

Presenter - DCAO/CCLA Defence Lawyer Conference –  R. v. Hamilton – Dispensing the requirement for technical expertise (2011)

Instructor – Ottawa University ARNUP Moot team (2010/2011/2012)

Guest Instructor – Criminal Trial advocacy (2009-2010)

Presenter – Ottawa University Criminal Law Student’s Association (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

Presenter – DCAO/CCLA Defence Lawyer Conference – 2010 – Future of the YCJA

Instructor Ukraine Juvenile Justice Reform Project (UJJRP) – Delegation included: Director of Justice Legislation, Deputy Director of State Department, Supreme Court Judges, and other government officials (2010)

Instructor – Ottawa University Studies in Criminal Law: Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy (CML 4111C) – Cross-examinations (2010)